Friday, May 14, 2010


There is this fabulous live web camera trained on a hummingbird in California named Phoebe.

I got interested in her back in February because she had laid two eggs and it seemed like the world was waiting for them to hatch.  One egg proved nonviable and the other chick died trying to hatch.

So Phoebe laid two more eggs.

Those eggs were stolen by a crow.

So Phoebe laid two more eggs.

Those eggs hatched this week.

I almost couldn't bear to watch.  My heart was just broken after the first eggs I saw and I was worried the whole event would send me right over the edge and into depression.

But Phoebe, see, she never gave up.  She didn't let her past sorrows get in the way of being fully present and trying again.  The past can't hurt Phoebe. The past is past.

And now the world is richer by two little hummingbirds.

Today, I'm going to remember that the past is in the past, and the only way it can hurt me is if I let it. I'm going to just keep moving forward.

(Photo of Phoebe from her Facebook page.)


  1. Rhonda from BaddeckMay 14, 2010 at 10:35 AM

    Wonderful advice, Barb. I checked in on Phoebe occasionally with her first clutch, but didn't know about the 2nd one (I learned that they can lay up to 5 clutches a year!). I like the way you've taken her example of moving ahead - the past can shape but doesn't control what you do in the future.

  2. That cliche about heartstrings is totally true. Mine are pulled *hard* by this story.

  3. I love Phoebe. This is a wonderful blog post, my friend.

    Just keep swimming, just keep swimming (or in this case, flying, or maybe laying)....

  4. Oh, I am SO sharing this post with my friends. :)
    Thanks for the uplifting post...

    Nancy :)

  5. Barb - I've gone back to the web cam repeatedly over the past few days, and every time I thanked you in my head for posting such a wonderful post and site. However, since I am not telepathic (yet!), I thought it was long-overdue that I come here and say it for real.

    That is a truely lovely site and I am deeply indepted to you for posting it.

    p.s. Just now (why now??) Ned has discovered the computer and web cam. /sigh at least he's busy and not breaking anything. He thanks you too... going for the camera ;)