Monday, June 14, 2010


I have been scarce.

My husband and I have been wrestling with big decisions lately and after much deliberation and back and forth, we've decided to put our house on the market. We have been really busy spiffing and shining and running amok and, while it is certainly impossible to live anywhere but in the present when resembling a headless chicken, it is very hard to live MINDFULLY.

So, the glory of a new day and a new beginning. Today, I am going to listen to the third session of my on-line course with Geneen Roth (since I was so tired during the live session that I couldn't stay awake until the end) and I'm going to focus on slowing down and being in the moment.

Just now, I took the dogs outside to throw the ball for them and tire them out and I stood among my garden beds and felt this unbelievable impatience as I looked at all of the green tomatoes and the tiny ears of corn. I want home grown garden produce NOW!!

It's a good metaphor for life in the modern world that I want everything fast and on demand. I'd love to be whole and healthy and thin and at peace and I want it all NOW. But Nature knows better, see. Nature knows that everything happens in season and when we mess with growing times and fake additives, you get tasteless tomatoes and genetically modified corn that may or may not kill you sooner.

Everything in its own time. That's my focus today.


  1. Mark me impatient too ;) (You know what I'm waiting for!) Everything in its own time ...

    p.s. breathe

  2. I know what you mean about the wait and wait and then you have so many all at once! Abundance worth waiting for.

  3. Barb, I know you register and are taking the online classes by Bennen Roth, I am wondering how you like it and if you feel that it is worthwhile. Because the classes are self paced i was thnking about registering now, but I would like your input before I do. thanks, georgi